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227) Louise Disharoon (Bob's Wife)
3-30-2015 03:46 PM 

Today is our Wedding Anniversary, 19 years today... it was the happiest day of my life. I married my best friend and loved being your wife. I still remember our special day and replay it over and over in my mind. I wish so much that you were still here to celebrate with me and reminisce...I love you and miss you, my love, your loving wife, Louise xxxx
226) Louise Disharoon (Bob's Wife)
3-26-2015 05:53 PM 

Happy Birthday my love. I really wish with all my heart you were here so I could bake you your cake. Play silly games and have a lovely day all three of us. You are always on my mind and missed so much... Our little one still wishes hard that you were here. Our life changed forever when you were gone. I love you so very much and miss you terribly... Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet man, love you, love you, love you, Louise and Michael xxxx
225) Randy Garcia
Durham, NC
3-5-2015 08:54 AM  Send E-mail

Bob, it's been 7 years now brother but you are still in our minds. Your passing has inspired me to enjoy my time here on earth and most of all my children. I see them laugh and play; grow and I often tear up that I have this privilege to be here. So, even in my tough days I look to you for strength and comforted with the fact that I am blessed to still be here and must move forward.
We miss you brother.

De Oppresso Liber!

224) Maureen Disharoon
3-4-2015 09:36 PM  Send E-mail

Bob--we still miss you so much. It's hard to watch a goofy cartoon like Foghorn Leghorn and not think of you. You made us all smile and we still smile when we think of you. Please watch over all of us.
223) Louise Disharoon (Bob's Wife)
3-4-2015 09:18 AM 

It's been 7 years today since we said goodbye my love. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and our life together. I miss every hug, kiss, laugh and experience that we shared. Our Son is growing up and had a good birthday and Christmas although you were very much missed. We love you so much and you may be gone from us here, but you will always be in our thoughts and minds. We love you so much, Louise and Michael xxxxx
222) Louise Disharoon (Bob's Wife)
11-11-2014 05:11 PM 

Its Veteran's Day, my love, and while the nation remembers all those who fought for their country, I remember my own special hero. You were an amazing soldier who was truly dedicated to his job. I was so proud to me a military wife, but most of all your wife. It was an honor. Thank you for all you did. We love you and miss you and always will. xxxxxxx
221) Louise Disharoon (Bob's Wife)
3-31-2014 01:07 PM 

Happy Anniversary, my love, 18 years now. This was the happiest day of my life, I only wish we would have had more time. Thanks for being such a wonderful husband and my best friend. I love and miss you so very much with all my heart, Louise xxxx
220) Louise Disharoon (Bob's Wife)
3-26-2014 09:04 AM 

Happy Birthday! My love, you are 50 today!!! Just because you are in a different place doesn't mean I can't celebrate your birthday. We would have had a huge celebration if you were here. I would have baked your favourite cake, made your favourite meal and probably booked a little time away in your favourite place as a family, (as that is where you would have wanted to go)...We love and miss you, so very much, I wish I could hug and kiss you just one more time, always in our hearts forever and always, Louise and Michael xxxx
219) Randy Garcia
Durham, NC
3-14-2014 02:29 PM  Send E-mail

Still missing you; your jokes, smirk/sniff, and since of comfort you always gave off just being around you.
You would be proud of Louise and Micheal. They are doing some great things! :)
Going to DC next week; will stop by and pay my respects.

218) Louise Disharoon (Bob's Wife)
3-4-2014 03:03 AM 

Six years today you went to heaven and we said goodbye to each other. Not a day goes by when I don't think of you, miss you or love you. Life has gone on, but with a big gap in it, where you used to be. Your little one is not so little anymore he is growing and learning and missing you too. You would be so proud of him. Sleep well, my love, I hope one day we will be together again, until then I will keep going... you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten, Love you with all my heart, Louise xxxx
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