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217) Louise Disharoon (Bob's Wife)
12-31-2013 03:29 PM 

Happy New Year, my love. I know this means that it's another year that you weren't here with us, but you were in our hearts and minds always. Not a day goes by that Michael and I don't think of you and wish you were with us. Michael is going to try to stay up till midnight to see the New Year in (not sure he will at 10 year old). Anyway, we love you, miss you and you will be here with us forever and always, love Louise and Michael xxxx
216) Louise Disharoon (Bob's Wife)
12-25-2013 06:46 PM 

Merry Christmas sweetheart. Well this year has certainly been interesting. Michael and I miss you so very much. I was so lucky to have been your wife and soul mate. Your were an amazing Dad to Michael and continue to be so in heaven. You are always in our thoughts and never far away from anything we are doing. We never stop talking about you, or loving you. We love and miss you terribly. Yours forever and always, Louise and Michael xxxxx
215) Louise Disharoon (Bob's Wife)
12-18-2013 04:59 PM 

Hi my love, today our baby boy turned 10 years old... I remember bringing him home when you scooped him up in your arms, he was so tiny... You would be so proud of him, I always dream of you watching over will always be with us... He had a good birthday and got his first men's mountain bike!!!! He is growing up so fast... Never fear he always talks about you and we remember you together...we love you and miss you xxx
214) Maureen Disharoon
Davidsonville, MD
12-16-2013 09:30 PM  Send E-mail

Brother Bob--For the 5th year in a row, the Disharoon clan and family friends participated in the Wreaths Across America event at Arlington National Cemetery. Such a warm and loving tribute to you and all who rest in peace there. The Christmas wreath we placed on your stone is a hug from all of us, those that were there that day and those who are with you in spirit every day. You have always been, and will forever be, a warm and shining light on our darkest days. We love you and miss you still.
213) Louise Disharoon (Bob' Wife)
12-9-2013 11:07 AM 

Today isn't any special day, just another one amongst many. I picked up our boy's birthday present today. He's going to be 10 years old. I so wish you could be here to see him grow. I don't write on here all the time, but I think of you, miss you and love you everyday. You would be so proud of him. Guess what? he's playing basketball and he's really good!!! You would have a smile on your face watching him, I know. Love you so very much xxxx
212) Mary Disharoon
Washington, NC
11-13-2013 11:46 AM 

They were wrong. They said he died. (See Eulogy.) And they were wrong. Witness all the foregoing shared memories, anecdotes, tributes and expressions of love and friendship.
So yes, we proved they were wrong.
"We never lose the ones we love,
For, even though they're gone,
Within the hearts of those who care
Their memory lingers on." Anon
211) William A. Philhower
Pompano Beach, FL
7-3-2013 07:49 PM  Send E-mail

I went to School with Bob. Had not seen him in 30 yrs.For some reason I googled his name tonight. And this site came up.
This was not what I hoped to see.
I remember Bob as a funny good guy. I remember him in Gym class standing with me and the other less athletic people.And he would say things that would make you laugh and laugh. Wish we could have met again.
Thank you for you service to America.
I will be telling a lot of my former school mates about Bob.
210) Steph Atkinson
Lancaster, England.
4-9-2013 08:11 AM  Send E-mail

5 years, has gone sooo very fast,my very tall Brother-in-Law with a heart of Gold - you are often in my thoughts, a sadness fills my heart you were taken to soon but it was wonderful to have known you - rest in peace - Love Steph xx
209) Louise Disharoon (Bob's Wife)
3-30-2013 06:35 PM 

Happy Anniversary my sweet man. 17 years today we were married. I will never forget the best day of my life. Thank you for marrying me and loving me the way you did. I will always love you and miss you, Louise xxxxx
208) Louise Disharoon (Bob's Wife)
3-26-2013 03:55 PM 

Happy Birthday, sweet man, you are thought of everyday, but especially today. You are loved and missed all the time. I wish you were here to blow out your birthday candles. Your little one is growing like a weed and I am moving forward as we talked about, but I miss you still. I will always love you, xxxx
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